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Customize The Process
Develop a solution for your outdoor display device


Determine product, quantity, price and delivery time


Provide printed logo or pattern


Place an order for payment and wait for delivery after confirmation

Order production

Develop and make the sample after checking with the customer


Arrange delivery and wait for transaction completion

Customization Advantage

ZWEIS has dedicated to product-exclusive custom production services for over 10 years. Our one-stop service includes set design, proofing, production, and distribution.

Strong production capacity

ZWEIS adopts the most advanced PEBS production management system to create an Industry 4.0, setting production factors into the information management system, so that production can be controlled, adjustable, visual.
ZWEIS has 52 CNC equipment, 22 robot equipment, 17 automatic production lines. Most of them imported international well-known brands of equipment, ensuring the accuracy of production and manufacturing process.

R & D technology innovation

ZWEIS has 16 years of experience and more than 50 national patents in outdoor integrated R & D, having creative teams, structural design, electronics, electrical engineering, thermal management, software development and other large R & D management teams. And ZWEIS succeeded in solving various issues: the condensation problem in low temperature and high humidity environments, efficient heat dissipation solution, and permanently eliminating the black screen under the Sun. As an LCD advertising screen factory, ZWEIS provides you with custom LCD display products and solutions.

Quality Inspection Guarantee

ZWEIS adopts military grade strict quality control systems, carrying out 103 strict inspection procedures, 4 full performance inspections, on-line waterproof tests, even using the high-temperature solar radiation silo and the low-temperature enthalpy difference laboratory to simulate all kinds of severe extreme weather around the world. And ZWEIS checks every manufacturing step - using dozens of electrical testing equipment to ensure high-quality products (high current generator, insulated cathode meter, test transformer). And all products through national testing and experimental certifications, to ensure product performance.

Thoughtful after-sales service

ZWEIS, a digital signage company, has six major sales and service networks ( North China, northwest, southwest, China-South Africa, central China, northeast) and more than 8 years of service experience full-time after-sales team with electrician certification. 24/7 online service.

Custom Cases

Wall-mounted customization
Outdoor waterproof IP65, lightning, dust, corrosion resistance, high-definition screen, 4k picture quality, advertising wheel, brightness self-regulation, all-weather high-definition brightness, intelligent cooling, using a variety of cooling modes
Double-sided custom machine

Double-sided display, high-definition large screen, 4k quality, brightness self-regulation, all-weather high-definition high-brightness, intelligent cooling, using a variety of cooling modes

A solar-powered custom-made machine

Built-in solar panel, energy saving, outdoor waterproof IP65, lightning, dust, corrosion resistance, high-definition screen, 4k quality, advertising rotation, brightness self-regulation, all-weather high-definition brightness

Honorary Qualifications
ZWEIS is a VIP partner of state-level high-tech companies, Huawei’s leading supplier of CPC gold medals, and Samsung and LG
ZWEIS cooperated with many famous brands and got win-win results.

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