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With the continuous development trend of LCD advertising machine in recent years, it has gradually replaced traditional advertising display methods. In addition to different advertising methods, it can also be mobile. Then, floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machines can be used for what field?

1. Government departments

According to the background management of LCD advertising machine on the floor of the unified operation and rectification, management methods of public announcement, current policy notices, work rules, business processes, key announcements and other release of information, further improve the efficiency of information transmission. At the same time, the deployment of vertical advertising machine is also convenient for staff business process solution manual.

2. Hotels, hotels, restaurants

Floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machines can also be used in restaurants, hotels and restaurants, restaurant reservations and cooking oil prices are causing great concern for the public to discuss the topic. Application of advertising machine, according to video voice, video, photos, text, price, booking and other methods, simple, economic development of the application of Ethernet interface technology. A multi-media system advertising campaign that delivers a wide range of services, completes restaurants, announces prices and reservations, and achieves customer autonomy and company advertising effects,

3. Retail chains

Floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine can immediately release the latest news related shopping guide, merchandise and marketing activities, to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

4. The medical device industry

With the assistance of a floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine, designated medical institutions are able to broadcast relevant information such as program drugs, application for registration and hospitalization, and allow doctors and patients to interact and communicate, by offering entertainment-oriented marketing messages and other content-based services, a simplified process can also help ease patients’ anxiety

5. Financial institutions

Compared with the traditional outdoor billboard machines, the floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine has a simple and fashionable appearance, which can better promote the corporate image and market expansion when applied to financial institutions, according to the integration of such resources as long queue number, multimedia system terminal equipment, can complete a large number of system functions, no matter how far the agent company, can carry out remote operation and management of grass ZWEIS devotes itself to the research and development of the whole solution of 1,000 outdoor LCD digital signage to meet the customers’ individual needs. Please provide a variety of outdoor whole solutions to enhance the customers’ value and achieve win-win cooperation.

Outdoor LCD advertising machines have been widely used in key places such as roads, buses, passenger stations, airports, seaports, and large shopping malls because of their unique applications, outdoor LCD advertising machine also has its own unique test standards. What are the test requirements for outdoor LCD advertising machines? 

Anti-corrosion, anti-rust treatment test: all exposed metal parts must undergo 800 hours of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment test to ensure the outdoor LCD advertising shell corrosion resistance 

Waterproof test: each outdoor LCD advertising machine in the factory before the need to carry out sprinkler test, to ensure that the waterproof grade fully meet the waterproof requirements;

Finished product embrittlement test: 4 hours of high temperature embrittlement test will be carried out after all goods are assembled.Software testing: each outdoor LCD advertising machine will have an embedded ID number, and the device’s mobile software will be used to verify the device’s operation to ensure that the software is free of common failures.Outdoor LCD advertising machine will carry out all the development and design process until customers receive the goods and gradually apply for processing, customers do not have to worry about after-sales service and quality problems, as the outdoor LCD advertising machine has already developed stringent implementation system software and methods, and has a sound training service system software to ensure that the immediate reasonable The AdjusterZWEIS is committed to the outdoor LCD advertising machine, LCD digital signage solution research and development innovation to meet customer needs for personalized, by providing a wide range of outdoor overall solutions to enhance customer value, to achieve win-win cooperation.

With the development of science and technology and the acceleration of smart city infrastructure, the application of outdoor LCD advertising machine is becoming more and more popular, especially the shadow of outdoor LCD advertising machine can be seen in some bus stations, what are the advantages of using outdoor LCD advertising machines at bus stops, since the use of outdoor LCD advertising machines at bus stops provides more general and effective news information for many people. 

Showing public service advertisement video Master City Information Management:Many cities have installed outdoor LCD advertising machines at bus stops. Apart from introducing bus routes in detail to passengers, the outdoor LCD high-light display advertising machines will also continue to show some public service advertising videos, when passing through the window of the bus stop sign, let a large number of migrant workers master the information management of this city.

Provision of renovation services:This new type of LCD advertising machine sits on a bus stop and provides a series of renovation services. It means the future of intelligent public bus shelters, connecting unprecedented comfort, it also has newer, more innovative features, such as a completely free wireless network connection 

Get the word out:Through the application of mobile phone software with multimedia system for advertising, the timely release of information at the terminals of outdoor LCD advertising machines at bus stops, and the content of the information in outdoor LCD advertising machines at bus stops, including the title of the website, weather forecast, show-up, message board, bus route guide, Traffic Code, etc. 

Website title, weather conditions are good for your transportation:The title of the website is displayed in the large and medium-sized outdoor LCD advertising machine, which is more gorgeous. The masses can easily grasp the situation of the cars arriving at the station. The appearance of the weather forecast makes the days of the masses more convenient, while waiting for the car, they could grasp the weather conditions and make preparations for a new day. Time was more affordable, especially in the middle of winter, when it was not convenient for the masses to take out their mobile phones to look at the time, the LCD advertising machine at the bus station can display the time, reminding the public that the appearance of the Traffic code is conducive to the implementation of the current traffic policy, plus the screening of advertising campaigns, the economic benefits are self-evident. 

Improve the city’s brand image:In a sense, the application of outdoor LCD advertising machine in subway station has further improved the city’s brand image, many outdoor LCD advertising machines for buses also have a touch mode, and the public can manually and practically operate the outdoor LCD advertising machines for public transport stations, playing the city’s customs and folk sounds, you can also play games, Play videos, listen to music. 

ZWEIS is committed to the outdoor LCD advertising machine total solution research and development innovation, to meet customer demand for personalized, by providing a variety of outdoor total solution, enhance customer value, achieve win-win cooperation.

In the basic division of LCD advertising machines, indoor LCD advertising machines and outdoor LCD advertising machines are the most common 2 types. then, what are the characteristics of these two types? Which customers are suitable for each other? If you only encounter that kind of selection difficulties at this stage, from the name can basically distinguish between the two types of advertising machine, the two types of application site is different.

1. Indoor LCD advertising machine key to the museum of history, shopping malls, and supermarkets use the environment more stable room environment, not easy to rain is not easy to bask in the sun such as, if you expect your ads in the elevator car shop, exhibition hall, meeting rooms, and other rooms to convey information to customers, can choose indoor LCD advertising machine.

2. The outdoor LCD advertising machine is the key to be applied in the changing environment, and even under the extreme outdoor standard. Must be based on the specific main use of decision-making, if you must be in temperature and humidity, sunlight, electromagnetic induction and other objective reasons relatively stable environment, then, the in-room advertising machine is a very good choice. And if must endure the sunlight, wind and rain, the high temperature, the ultra-low temperature and so on harsh environment tempering, must choose the outdoor LCD advertising machine, is worth mentioning, you can also choose based on the content of the ads that must play video, and if your ads are expected to be used in bus stations, large and medium commercial pedestrian streets, airports and other environments, then you have to choose outdoor LCD advertising machine, there is also a point that the distance between indoor and outdoor prices or a larger, outdoor LCD advertising machine due to external reasons inside the air conditioning is not cooled and earphone sound structure of the waterproof, the AG anti-glare of the toughened laminated glass on the ear surface is the true penetration of the AR laminated glass, etc.

ZWEIS is committed to the development of outdoor LCD digital signage solutions innovation to meet customer demand for personalized, by providing a wide range of outdoor overall solutions. Enhance customer value and achieve win-win cooperation.

With the development of technology, the advertising machine has become an indispensable key display system for shopping malls, hospital clinics, financial institutions, and their various scene centers in large and medium-sized factories, Shenzhen ZWEIS Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. told everyone from the layout of the installation of advertising machines to distinguish between the general vertical advertising machine and wall-mounted advertising machine, and which is more powerful? What’s the difference?

First, let’s discuss the vertical advertising machine. The placement and installation of the vertical advertising machines are more convenient. It can complete the quick movement of the message, and it can attract the eyes very much, the key used in financial institutions, financial enterprises, hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls and other industries, is the lifelike display of advertising information and multi-dimensional release of corporate image.

Let’s talk about the wall-mounted advertising machine. The key point of the wall-mounted advertising machine is to place it above the wall and turn it into a unique decorative design scene for the interior space. It is very easy to attract customer’s attention, to achieve the goal of publicity planning, at this stage, wall-mounted LCD advertising machines are widely used in large and medium-sized supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, elevator cars, storefronts and other scenarios, wall-mounted LCD advertising machines can complete the speed of information and news of new products, will focus on a large number of eyes on customers, and can significantly improve the store’s corporate image.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine is very popular in our daily life, they are scattered in such as subway stations, bus stations, shopping malls, construction office buildings and other venues. There are various types of advertising machines, but do you really know the difference between them? The most diverse types of advertising machines are LCD and LED, here for you to explain the differences between outdoor LCD advertising machines and LED advertising machines. And what are their similarities and differences?

In a word, the outdoor LCD advertising machine is actually what we all call an LCD screen advertising machine. The structure of the LCD is made up of two parallel glass panels with an LCD screen placed in the middle of the glass. And the two glasses have small vertical and horizontal wires in the middle, which are plugged in to manipulate the rod-shaped amethyst molecular structure to shift direction and flex the light source to refract light to create the image. High-end companies have special integrated modern information technology, providing multi-dimensional commodity information and marketing information for customers.

So What’s An LED ad machine? LED advertising machine is a kind of new dynamic advertising news media, in the forefront of consumption. The light source in the sphere is an extremely bright and large-angle light-emitting diode array. The built-in microcomputer integrated IC solves the problem that the special LED points are continuously turned on and off according to the actual clock frequency after the graphic information is written by PC and stored in memory. At the same time, in the direct current brushless DC motor under the promotion of rapid rotation, in this kind of practical effect under the human eye condition, the customer must, will occur in an indoor space and float within the 360-degree visual field,The most prominent features of LED and outdoor LCD advertising machines depend on the performance of the advertising machine. Led brightness level is relatively strong, even a long distance can be seen clearly, suitable for outdoor applications. The brightness of LCD is not as bright as that of LED. Close range is very clear and suitable for in-room applications. Led shows the actual effect and LCD shows the actual effect comparison, the first one can complete ultra-clear, compared to the two, LED advertising machine is thinner than LCD, and more convenient, convenient and fast to use in a variety of high-voltage extreme structure and shape.

In general, compared with liquid crystal display lcds, LED displays offer a number of advantages in terms of brightness, function loss, visibility, and refresh frequency, so LED advertising machine and outdoor LCD advertising machine between the difference is still very large.

ZWEIS is committed to the outdoor LCD advertising machine total solution research and development innovation, to meet customer demand for personalized, by providing a variety of outdoor total solution, enhance customer value, achieve win-win cooperation

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