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ZWEIS, with more than 20 years of EXP, specializes in producing outdoor TVs, and digital signage displays in outdoor environments. These products are built to be weather-resistant, with features such as waterproofing and anti-glare technology to ensure clear viewing in bright sunlight. ZWEIS also provides other products: Cardio Fitness Wall for personal or commercial use. Smart Audio for home theater. Solar Energy Storage System for house power.

Outdoor LCD Display
Outdoor TVs have 4K high-definition screens and IP65 waterproof rating and are wall-mountable to save place. They also can connect to the internet to play advertisements, allowing split-screen usage. Used in swimming pools, villas, residential areas, schools, canteens, shopping malls, etc.
Outdoor Digital Signage
With a 4K high-definition screen and a wide color gamut, Outdoor Digital Signages are perfect for advertising and support query info for its touch screen functionality. Easy installation. Applicable to intersections, squares, shopping malls, pedestrian streets, hotels, schools, libraries, etc.
Cardio Fitness Wall
ZWEIS intelligent cardio fitness wall has various fitness media resources, with professional and comprehensive functions. With scientific design, you can experience the new fitness experience of professional equipment and gold personal trainer at home, making the workout enjoyable.
Smart Audio Series
Smart speakers bring you the ultimate audio-visual feast. These speakers are designed to blend in with any decor, with sleek and modern designs that complement any room. Matrix smart audio is supported by the ZWEIS+DEVIALET brand. The joint design allows them to be both beautiful and practical.
Solar Energy Storage System

The hybrid off-grid energy storage system works with connected solar panels, grids (or generators), loads, built-in phosphoric li-ion batteries, hybrid inverters and energy management systems. 4 working modes: SOL, UEI, SBU, SUB, refer to the section described in the user manual settings.

Industry Solutions
ZWEIS focuses on the development and innovation of total solutions for outdoor digital signage to meet customers’ individual needs. By providing a wide variety of total solutions, ZWEIS can enhance customers’ value and achieve win-win cooperation
Intelligent transportation
In today’s ubiquitous digital, visual and interactive fill our lives. Traditional posters, stickers, brochures and so bring a lack of experience, monotonous. The present Intelligent Exhibition Hall adopts the multimedia display equipment fusion interactive inquiry system, which helps the intelligent digital exhibition hall to have a relatively big breakthrough in intelligence and interactivity
Harsh Environment – Sand Storm
One City is located in the southwest of Inner Mongolia, where the environment is relatively harsh. The biggest test for the equipment is sandstorm. There are three months of sandstorms in a year, followed by low temperature, with the lowest temperature reaching – 10 ℃ and the highest temperature reaching 50 ℃. We have made simulation design in dust prevention and heat dissipation, and after testing, it was put into use in 2011, so far with good results.
Brand Introduction

Started in 2000, ZWEIS has two production bases covering an area of 260,000 square meters of modern assembly workshops, over 5000 employees. As a professional LCD display manufacturer, ZWEIS has been engaged in varied multimedia LCD commercial display equipment research and development, production, and become one of the national high-tech enterprises for many years.

At the same time, ZWEIS has well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production to meet total customer satisfaction. Besides, our factory or products have attained CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, BIS, ETL, CCC, EMC, LVD, CB and other certifications applicable to export to the Global Market.

We are committed to the research and development of outdoor commercial display equipment and provide professional overall industrial solutions for the government, education, finance, insurance, rail transit, media companies, scenic parks, theme parks, shopping malls, CBD, newspaper columns, hospitals and other industries, and provide professional one-stop industrial solutions for outdoor LCD display.

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Why Choose Us

ZWEIS outdoor trade show-five comprehensive technical capabilities
The country’s first research and development of outdoor LCD commercial displays
Integrating high-brightness LCD module R&D to complete machine R&D and design capabilities
Professional customized R&D and manufacturing capabilities
Remotely monitor equipment operating status and fault alarms
Professional test equipment and testers.
Honorary Qualifications
ZWEIS is a VIP partner of national high-tech companies. We have deep cooperation with many enterprises, such as LG and Samsung

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