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What is the significance of intelligent bus electronic station construction

1. Different – the same bus stop sign
Intelligent bus electronic stop sign as the most obvious sign of the bus station or station, is a necessary facility of the bus station. For a long time, with the development of the city, the bus stop sign from a simple metal station to lighting system light box station, each change is the need for urban development, highlighting the characteristics of the times. Entering the stage of smart city construction, bus stop signs have also been updated. Intelligent bus electronic stop sign began to use, its own bus station information forecast, intelligent voice station system and rich multimedia display effect, to provide the public with vehicle information control, visual sensory colorful car experience.

2 Participants in urban safety
Bus stations are widely distributed urban public facilities in cities, mostly located in densely populated areas. Smart bus electronic stop signs are devices installed at bus stations. Smart bus electronic stop sign itself is equipped with video monitoring equipment, the monitoring equipment has is station flow statistics function, can count the daily flow of a station, the demand for which vehicle, population pressure is the largest, etc., greatly save labor costs and survey cycle, to ensure the accuracy of the survey information. Can also be security monitoring, because the bus station is a densely populated area, widely distributed, around any situation that can be photographed can be past video access, conducive to evidence collection, a great help to security supervision.
The significance of the intelligent bus electronic stop sign is very great, intelligent bus electronic stop sign as an indispensable intelligent hardware equipment in the development of smart city, with its extraordinary comprehensive for the temporary wise city construction provides a variety of help. In the future, more intelligent bus electronic stop signs will be put into the city to help the development of the city and create a better tomorrow.

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