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ZWEIS Digital Signage Display Kiosk: Interactive and Flexible Advertising Solutions

ZWEIS, a reliable provider of digital signage display kiosks, offers innovative solutions that elevate advertising experiences. With a focus on interactive and flexible displays, ZWEISempowers businesses to create captivating and dynamic advertising campaigns. This article will delve into the features of our digital signage display kiosk, highlighting the split-screen play capabilities and customizable self-layout screen display options.

Split Screen Play for Dynamic Display

ZWEIS’s digital signage display kiosk provides businesses with the ability to engage audience with dynamic and versatile advertising layouts. The kiosk offers controllable full-screen and split-screen playback options, allowing for the simultaneous display of different content areas. This feature enables businesses to incorporate various elements like logo area, calendar area, video area, picture area, subtitle area, and more, all within a single advertisement.

By leveraging the split-screen play functionality, businesses can deliver targeted messages, captivating visuals, and informative content simultaneously. Whether it’s showcasing promotional videos, displaying real-time updates, or highlighting product features, ZWEIS’s digital signage display kiosk ensures that every aspect of the advertisement makes a significant impact on the audience.

Customizable and Self-Layout Screen Display

ZWEIS understands that every business possesses its own distinct advertising requirements. That’s why our digital signage display kiosk offers a wide array of customizable and self-layout screen display options. With the added advantage of arbitrary segmentation capabilities, businesses can effortlessly divide the screen into different sections, allocating space based on specific content preferences. This flexibility empowers businesses to effectively showcase targeted information and captivate audience with a tailored advertising approach.

The self-layout screen display feature empowers businesses to create tailored advertising experiences by arranging content elements in a way that best suits the branding and messaging strategies. Whether it’s combining images, videos, and text in a specific layout or designing an interactive interface, ZWEIS’s digital signage display kiosk offers the flexibility to meet diverse advertising requirements.


In a nutshell, ZWEIS’s digital signage display kiosk changes advertising experiences with the interactive and flexible solutions. The split-screen play feature enables businesses to create dynamic and versatile advertising layouts that capture the audience’s attention effectively. Additionally, the customizable and self-layout screen display options empower businesses to tailor advertising experiences to align with brand messaging and objectives. As a trusted provider of digital signage solutions, ZWEIS continues to drive innovation in the industry, offering businesses the tools they need to engage audience and deliver impactful advertising campaigns.

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