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Transforming Street Digital Signage with ZWEIS’ Outdoor LCD Advertising Kiosk

At ZWEIS, we are proud to offer our outdoor LCD advertising kiosk designed specifically to transform street digital signage. With an IP55 protection grade and a robust waterproof structure, our kiosk ensures reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the inclusion of IK10 level protection glass provides resistance against vandalism, safeguarding your investment and maintaining clear color display.

Sunlight Readable Displays for Optimum Visibility

One of the key challenges faced by street digital signage is visibility in bright sunlight. However, with ZWEIS’ sunlight readable technology, this challenge becomes a thing of the past. Our optical combination technology enables our outdoor LCD displays to maintain high-definition image quality, even in the presence of strong sunlight. This means that your content will always be clear, vivid, and captivating, regardless of the lighting conditions. Furthermore, our LCD screens are designed with high-temperature resistance, making them unfazed by direct sunlight and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Street Digital Signage Management

ZWEIS understands the importance of efficient management when it comes to street digital signage. That’s why we have incorporated intelligent features into our outdoor LCD advertising kiosk to enhance your experience. Our smart brightness control utilizes a built-in Smart Brightness Controller, which automatically adjusts the display’s brightness based on ambient light levels. This not only ensures optimal visibility but also saves on operating expenses and power consumption.

Temperature regulation is another critical aspect of successful street digital signage. With our intelligent temperature control system, the kiosk’s internal temperature is constantly monitored and adjusted accordingly. This allows the kiosk to operate within the optimal temperature range of -40°C to +55°C, ensuring consistent performance and preventing any potential damage caused by extreme temperatures.

To further streamline your street digital signage management, ZWEIS offers a cloud-based intelligent system. This system enables you to remotely manage your advertising content with ease. You can update and schedule content from anywhere using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Our system also provides multiple functions, including timing switch, real-time monitoring, authority management, and flexible layout options. With ZWEIS’ intelligent system, managing your street digital signage becomes effortless and convenient.


In conclusion, ZWEIS’ outdoor LCD advertising kiosk is the perfect solution for transforming street digital signage. With its waterproof and vandalism-proof design, it ensures reliability in any weather conditions. The sunlight readable displays guarantee optimum visibility, maintaining high-definition image quality even in bright sunlight. The inclusion of intelligent features such as smart brightness control, temperature regulation, and our cloud-based intelligent system enhances your street digital signage management, making it efficient and hassle-free. Choose ZWEIS to elevate your street digital signage and captivate your audience with clear, vibrant visuals, regardless of the challenges posed by the street environment.

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