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The Leading Digital Signage Company: An Introduction to ZWEIS

Digital signage has become increasingly prevalent in public spaces and commercial areas as an effective way to engage customers and disseminate information. As a pioneer in the field of outdoor digital signage, ZWEIS has been at the forefront of innovating displays built to withstand demanding outdoor environments. Let’s take a closer look at this leading digital signage company and the solutions we provide.

A Rich History of Innovation

Founded in 2000, ZWEIS started as a manufacturer of LCD displays. Over the past two decades, we have expanded into a full-service digital signage company through continuous research and development. Today, we have two production facilities covering 260,000 square meters with over 5000 employees. ZWEIS was one of the first to develop outdoor LCD commercial displays and focuses on customized solutions. We integrate expertise in high-brightness panels, machine design, and software to create digital displays perfectly suited for various outdoor applications.

Rugged Outdoor Displays

The durability of outdoor displays is crucial considering their exposure to rain, dust, temperature extremes, and more. ZWEIS thoroughly tests all products to achieve an IP65 or IP55 waterproof rating. Advanced sealing and anti-glare coating ensure the screens maintain clear visibility even in direct sunlight. Models range from 43 to 85 inches with 4K resolutions. Features include splitting screens for multiple zones of content, ambient light sensors, and wall mounts optimized for outdoor installation.

Touchscreens and Interactivity

Some ZWEIS displays integrate touchscreen functionality for added interactivity. This allows users to get more information by interacting with content directly on the screen. Touch capability expands applications in transportation hubs, schools, museums, and more. We also provide customized software for content management from a single or multi-screen control system.

Industry-Leading Solutions

As a pioneer in outdoor digital signage, ZWEIS understands diverse industry needs. We work closely with customers to develop complete solutions for verticals like intelligent transportation, education, retail, and more. Applications include wayfinding, emergency notifications, queue information, electronic menu boards, and more. ZWEIS constantly innovates to enhance the viewer experience through features like bezel-less designs, sensory integration, and unique form factors.


With over two decades of experience as a digital signage company, ZWEIS remains committed to advancing the industry through robust R&D. Our industry-leading solutions have transformed the use of displays in public and commercial outdoor spaces. With continuous innovation, best-in-class products, and comprehensive solutions, ZWEIS has transformed the digital signage landscape. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you take your communication and advertising to the next level, ZWEIS is the perfect choice.

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