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Outdoor advertising machine building smart city is essential

The rise of outdoor advertising machines and the popularity of flat panel display devices such as LCD/LEDs, the development of network streaming media, originally composed of display screens and DVD players or PCs, followed by the introduction of network technology, replaced by dedicated network media players With the traditional pure DVD or PC playback format, the functions become richer and the applications become more diverse. Therefore, some people have juxtaposed it with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, and called it the “fifth media”, which has the effect of releasing information information to designated people at designated times and at designated places.

Shenzhen Zweis outdoor advertising machine Smart City Solution: 40000-999-76

The advancement of social technology has made outdoor advertising gradually transform from traditional static billboards to dynamic digitalization. The outdoor advertising machine will not be affected by the weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment. It can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields all day long, greatly improving the picture level. Feeling, can better express the details. With the gradual expansion of outdoor advertising machine usage scenarios from semi-outdoor to full-outdoor, the challenges are more diversified.

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