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Elevate Your Outdoor Advertising with ZWEIS: Unleashing Advanced Digital Signage Features

ZWEIS, a renowned provider of outdoor digital signage solutions, is committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology. In this article, we explore the significance of cloud-based management in digital signage and delve into the remarkable digital signage features offered by us.

Cloud Intelligent System for Remote Advertising

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, ZWEIS stands out with its Cloud Intelligent System, enabling seamless remote advertising management. Key features include:

Multi-terminal login and cloud management

ZWEIS allows easy access to the digital signage system through computers, mobile phones, and pads. This multi-terminal login functionality ensures convenience and flexibility for users. Additionally, the cloud management feature enables real-time monitoring and remote updates, empowering businesses to stay connected with digital signage network effortlessly.

Easy three-step process

With ZWEIS, managing and publishing content becomes a breeze. The intuitive interface allows users to follow a simple three-step process. First, log into your account to access the digital signage platform. Second, create and customize captivating content that aligns with your advertising goals. Finally, save and publish the content to your digital signage network, reaching your target audience effectively.

Smart Brightness Control for Optimal Performance

ZWEIS incorporates a built-in Smart Brightness Controller in its outdoor LCD displays, enhancing the overall performance of digital signage.

Built-in Smart Brightness Controller

ZWEIS outdoor displays offer a wide range of brightness control, ranging from 400nits to 4000nits. This intelligent controller automatically adjusts the brightness levels based on ambient light conditions and day/night operations. By optimizing brightness, ZWEIS ensures that your content is clearly visible and impactful in any lighting environment.

Benefits of Smart Lux Control

Apart from that, the Smart Lux control feature provided by ZWEIS brings numerous advantages to outdoor installations. Firstly, it contributes to power-saving and reduced operating expenses by dynamically adjusting brightness levels. Secondly, this feature is particularly suitable for on-street outdoor installations and various environments, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement for your digital signage campaigns.


In short, ZWEIS emerges as a leading provider of cloud-based outdoor digital signage solutions, presenting advanced features that transform advertising experiences. The Cloud Intelligent System enables remote advertising management, while the Smart Brightness Control feature ensures optimal performance in any lighting condition. Choose ZWEIS to elevate your outdoor advertising endeavors, leveraging the convenience of remote management and the efficiency of Smart Brightness Control. Stand out from the competition and captivate your audience with ZWEIS’s state-of-the-art digital signage features.

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