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Elevate Outdoor Advertising with ZWEIS Waterproof Touch Screen Displays

Step into the world of ZWEIS, a renowned industry leader offering state-of-the-art TV digital signage. In the era of digital dominance, outdoor advertising holds paramount importance in captivating audiences and amplifying brand visibility. Recognizing the pivotal role of cutting-edge digital signage in outdoor environments, ZWEIS has developed a range of waterproof touch screen displays that deliver unparalleled performance. This article will delve into the myriad benefits that ZWEIS TV digital signage bring to the table, transforming and elevating outdoor advertising campaigns to new heights.

Advantages of ZWEIS Waterproof Touch Screen Displays for Effective Advertising

IP65 Protection Grade and High Brightness

ZWEIS waterproof touch screen displays feature an impressive IP65 protection grade, ensuring durability and reliability in various outdoor environments. With this level of protection, the displays can withstand dust, water, and other elements, making themideal for long-term outdoor use. Additionally, the high brightness of 2500-3000 nits ensures optimal visibility even in bright sunlight, ensuring your content stands out.

Splitscreen Playback and Cloud Intelligent System

Our waterproof touch screen displays offer versatile content display options. The ability to control both full-screen and splitscreen playback allows you to create engaging and dynamic advertising campaigns. Whether you want to showcase a video, display a calendar, or incorporate subtitles, ZWEIS displays provide the flexibility to customize your content layout. Furthermore, our cloud intelligent system enables remote advertising management and real-time monitoring, giving you full control over your campaigns from anywhere, anytime.

Intelligent Temperature Control for Reliable Performance

ZWEIS is committed to delivering displays that perform consistently in demanding outdoor conditions. Our waterproof touch screen displays are equipped with forced air cooling and intelligent cooling systems. These mechanisms efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring that the internal temperature of the displays remains within the optimal operating range. The intelligent exhaust air temperature control system further enhances performance by automatically adjusting the internal temperature to maintain optimal functionality.


To sum up, ZWEIS waterproof touch screen displays provide a range of advantages for outdoor advertising campaigns. The IP65 protection grade and high brightness ensure durability and visibility in challenging outdoor environments. The flexibility of splitscreen playback and the convenience of the cloud intelligent system empower you to create captivating and easily manageable advertising content. Additionally, the intelligent temperature control systems guarantee reliable performance even in extreme conditions. Choose ZWEIS as your partner for innovative digital signage solutions that elevate your outdoor advertising efforts and drive business success.

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