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Captivate and Inform with ZWEIS Outdoor Digital Displays

Outdoor digital signage provides an impactful way for brands to connect with consumers in public spaces. ZWEIS offers a diverse range of outdoor digital displays designed to deliver striking visuals that capture attention in any environment. With commercial-grade durability and smart software integrations, ZWEIS signage solutions help businesses promote products, share information, and drive engagement.

Built Tough for Outdoor Visibility

Engineered to withstand diverse outdoor settings, ZWEIS outdoor digital displays are rated IP65 or IP55 for resistance to dust, moisture, and temperature extremes. Their commercial-grade LCD panels achieve extra-high brightness from 2500 to 3000 nits, ensuring readable, vivid imagery under direct sunlight.

These displays also feature a tempered glass front panel and a steel enclosure for protection. Available with an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections. ZWEIS signage utilizes quality components like A+ grade panels and is compliant with TUV, FCC, CE, and RoHS standards.

Interact and Engage with Touchscreen Displays

Select ZWEIS digital signage models come with an intuitive touch overlay, allowing the public to directly interact with the content. The touchscreen holds up to continuous daily use thanks to a durable surface coating. Touch capability makes the displays ideal for wayfinding, directories, product searches, surveys, donation collection, and more.

Flexible Sizing for Different Venues and Messages

ZWEIS provides outdoor digital displays in varied sizes to match different spaces, positioning, and advertising needs:

  • 43 to 86-inch standalone advertising kiosks
  • Double-sided displays for 360° visibility
  • Wall mounts from 43 to 86 inches

Larger 86-inch models are perfect for placing along busy streets and highways, promoting brands to vehicles and pedestrians from a distance. More compact 43-49 inch units are suitable for up-close interaction and placement in tight spaces.

Applications Across Retail, Hospitality, Transportation, and More

With their combination of durability, smart software, and dynamic display sizes, ZWEIS outdoor digital signage provides versatile solutions for:

  • Retail: Display promotions, pricing, and Facebook posts to draw customers into stores
  • Hospitality: Welcome visitors, highlight amenities and facilities
  • Public Transit: Share schedules/status, notices, delay alerts
  • Entertainment: Promote current and upcoming programs or movies
  • Corporate: Branding, employee info, internal navigation
  • Museums: Provide exhibit info, wayfinding, event notices


ZWEIS offers fully customized outdoor digital displays tailored to each brand’s specific requirements. Our team helps select the ideal display size, brightness, enclosure, and features based on the location and intended messaging. Contact ZWEIS online for a quote on a customized outdoor digital display that grabs attention and delivers impactful branding for your business.

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