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What are the benefits of outdoor advertising machine as a publicity channel

At one time, outdoor advertising machines became the most annoying thing to people just because of its colorful and cluttered looking pictures. Now, with the improvement of urbanization management and institutionalization. Standardized outdoor advertising display has become an important part of current urbanization. From a color perspective, it has added a new dynamic to urbanization. Nowadays, in many public places, the environment would be more monotonous without the lining of outdoor advertising machines. At the same time, this is also due to the fact that outdoor advertising machine design pays more attention to people’s feelings and to the combination of advertising and environment.

However, many people are already familiar with the outdoor advertising machine in the statistics of its existence. In a survey on the impact of outdoor advertising machines on consumers, 26% of consumers said that the presence of outdoor advertising has no direct impact on their spending. 29% said the presence of outdoor advertising is not important. However, when it comes to purchasing, there is another story. Consumers of similar products have higher purchase intentions. Outdoor advertising machines unknowingly influence consumers’ psychology and leave a subconscious impression on them, thus playing a role in their purchase decision.

Nowadays, we can see more and more outdoor media, and various outdoor advertising machine video publicity has become the first choice of enterprises. Such as scenic spots, streets, communities, bus stations, light poles, etc. Video display can better let consumers understand the products. Outdoor advertising machine will also become the main weapon of outdoor media competition in the future.

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