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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage Displays: A Comprehensive Overview

Promoting your business plays an important role in ensuring customers are able to easily recognize your brand and what you have to offer. There are different ways to promote your business. While online services are continuing to grow in popularity, don’t overlook the potential of a digital signage display for a more physical approach to marketing and promotion. We’re going to take a closer look at the different types of outdoor digital signage options and how they can help to promote your business.

Three Main Different Digital Displays

When it comes to a digital signage display, it’s important to understand the fact that there are different screen technologies that manufacturers can use. Each technology offers certain benefits and drawbacks, so carefully consider the options that are available to help you make a decision.

Here is a quick overview of the main types:

  • LCD: LCD used to be the standard for most displays. It uses a fluorescent lamp and offers a high contrast ratio with a layer of liquid crystal solution inside. An LCD display offers a good viewing angle but does have a relatively slow response time. It’s a relatively durable option and offers a medium level of power consumption.
  • LED: LED rather uses LED bulbs in order to create visuals on the screen. It has a very high contrast ratio and provides superior viewing angles compared to LCD screens. Also, it has a faster response time and offers a lower power consumption level.
  • OLED: Organic light-emitting diode technology features a self-emitting design that is newer on the market but has an infinite contrast ratio and exceptional viewing angles. The display also offers medium brightness performance and does not consume as much power as some alternatives, such as an LCD digital signage display.

Choosing the Right Digital Signage Display

You need to keep a few things in mind when it comes to buying a digital signage display. Whether you want an LCD, OLED, or LED digital signage solution, these are some of the most important factors that you have to look at:

  • Resolution: The resolution makes a difference in terms of the overall quality you get when displaying videos and other visual content on display. Opt for a digital signage display that can at least produce visuals in HD resolution.
  • Size: The larger the size of the screen, the greater visibility you can expect, but also keep in mind where you want to place the digital signage display. It shouldn’t be too big for the specific area you want to use it.
  • Brightness: The display should also offer a wide variety of brightness settings, as this will give you the opportunity to adjust the brightness based on the current weather conditions.
  • Settings: Take note of other settings, such as contrast, hue, and different modes. These can also have an impact on the overall visibility and quality of the visuals you use.

Outdoor Digital Signage Display for Business Promotion from Zweis

Viewing promotions and brand-related content on a digital signage display is a great way to ensure people are aware of what you have to offer. There are, however, many options that you have to filter through, which can make it tough to pick the right one.

Zweis offers a diverse selection of digital signage display options that fits various needs. Some of the more popular choices from Zweis include:

  • 43-inch Outdoor Touch Screen Display:

Zweis presents a cutting-edge 43-inch Outdoor Touch Screen LCD Advertising Kiosk as part of our digital signage display lineup. This versatile display is designed to cater to various industries and applications, making it ideal for conveying information, displaying captivating advertisements, promoting products, and engaging customers to drive sales. With its IP55 protection grade, this display is built to withstand outdoor elements and ensure reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. The LCD nano touch technology enhances user interaction, enabling seamless touch functionality for an immersive experience. Moreover, the display boasts an impressive outdoor high brightness level of 2500-3000 nits, ensuring vibrant and vivid visuals that capture attention even in bright sunlight.

  • 55” Waterproof Touch Screen Display:

For those seeking a larger display option, Zweis offers a remarkable 55″ Waterproof Touch Screen Outdoor LCD Display. With an IP65 protection grade, this display is built to withstand not only water but also dust and other environmental factors. The LCD nano touch technology further enhances the user experience by providing seamless touch functionality. Similar to the 43-inch model, this display also features an impressive outdoor high brightness level of 2500-3000 nits, ensuring clear and vibrant visuals that can easily attract attention even in challenging outdoor environments. This display is an excellent choice for businesses looking to make a bold statement and engage their target audience effectively.

  • 86” Outdoor LCD Display:

Zweis offers the impressive 86″ Outdoor LCD Display, specifically designed to make a lasting impact in outdoor settings. With its IP65 protection grade, this display is built to withstand various weather conditions while delivering high-quality visuals. The LCD technology ensures exceptional brightness, contrast, and wide-angle viewing, making it perfect for outdoor events, advertising campaigns, and locations where visibility is crucial. Businesses can effectively communicate their messages to a large audience, thanks to the display’s expansive size and high-definition resolution. Elevate your brand visibility and engage potential customers with Zweis’ top-quality 86” Outdoor LCD Display. For more information, visit our website or contact us directly.


A digital signage display can go a long way in helping you promote your brand and draw more awareness of what you can offer. Zweis offers a range of top-quality displays that are great for showcasing promotions both indoors and outdoors, including options that come with built-in touch functionality. Learn more by getting in touch or visiting our website.

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