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Digital Signage Vs. Traditional Advertising: Which Yields Better Results

There are several ways to promote your business. The most common one is traditional advertising, referring to the traditional methods of promoting products, services, or information to audiences through various offline channels. And another is digital signage, referring to the presentation of visual content, information, or messages to audiences through electronic display technology. 

While the trend has been to use online advertising methods in the modern era, many companies are still gaining significant benefits from physical marketing approaches. Digital signage is one example of a physical advertising system that drives excellent results, and this marketing method has been trending lately. 

With this said every business should take a personalized approach when it comes to establishing a marketing plan because profit is closely related to marketing results.

Understanding Digital Signage

In daily life, we can see digital signage in many places, such as shopping malls, streets, and parks. It is an important way to increase the popularity of businesses through offline means. Let’s understand the digital signage.

1. Digital Signage and its Components

Digital signage refers to using electric displays to promote a product, service, or company. The system consists of both hardware and software. The hardware includes a display and some networking components. Software, on the other hand, is used to display content on the hardware that forms part of the signage, such as media players, content creation and management software, etc. 

2. Advantages of Digital Signage over Traditional Advertising

1) Thanks to the connection with specialized software and networking hardware, you can get real-time screen updates, showing its flexibility. 

2) Due to the various media types that can be used, it is a great way to promote audience engagement. 

3) Content can be effectively personalized based on the company’s target audiences and current trends. 

4) It is also a cost-effective solution, as there is no need to reprint banners. Digital signage can be used to show different types of advertisements and be changed at any time. Moreover, digital signage’s return on investment(ROI) is also high. Because compared to traditional advertising, people are more easily attracted to this type of LCD digital signage

The Power of Traditional Advertising

1. Traditional advertising mediums

Traditional advertising has been used for decades before the advent of digital and online advertising. It often includes printed media, radio broadcasts, TV channels, and telemarketing, which use several marketing strategies to attract audiences. 

2. Limitations and challenges of traditional advertising 

There are a couple of problems with these traditional advertising mediums. 

1) Lack of real-time updates and dynamic content. It’s particularly evident to print media because printing takes time.

2) Limited audience targeting capabilities. It may lead to investment waste due to its wide audience coverage. 

3) Higher costs and potentially lower ROI compared to digital signage. It may be challenging to measure the impact and effectiveness of traditional advertising, thus causing low conversion rates and ROI. 

Which Yields Better Results?

When it comes to determining whether traditional advertising or digital signage should be used, there are a couple of considerations to take into account. This will help a company make a more informed choice when they are looking to expand their advertising reach. 

1. The nature of the business and the target audiences will play a significant role in deciding which marketing channel is right for them. Many companies can benefit from outdoor digital signage, while some may not require real-time updates and other features as much. 

2. The amount of money that can be pushed into a marketing budget is another thing that counts. If the budget is sufficient, digital signage might be the ideal choice. 

3. Companies also has to consider its marketing goals and objectives, which decide what type of marketing strategy will offer better results. For example, when interactiveness is a key objective, LCD digital signage can provide engaging advertising solutions. 

Outdoor Digital Signage from ZWEIS

ZWEIS is the expert on digital signage that can provide exceptional quality and results. We have two production bases covering an area of 260,000 square meters of modern assembly workshops and over 5000 employees. We have been providing multimedia LCD commercial display equipment for 23 years and continue to focus on enhancing our services. 

ZWEIS can provide various signage solutions that fit every client’s requirements, including various display choices and sizes. Moreover, our outdoor LCD advertising machine uses high-definition highlight, which is visible in the glare. And the intelligent thermostatic system, automatic brightness control, and intelligent playback system that we use improve the viewing experience and advertising effectiveness. 


Digital signage outperforms traditional advertising due to its immediacy, effectiveness, and high return rate. Using digital signage can help you maximize investment effectiveness and increase the visibility of your product or brand. Reach out to learn more about the advertising solutions that ZWEIS offers! 

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