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Precautions in the use of intelligent electronic bus stop signs

With the development of the time, intelligent travel and intelligent transportation are developing faster and faster. Smart electronic bus stop sign manufacturers keep up with the pace of the time, to focus on the design and development of a variety of intelligent electronic bus stop signs to meet the public demand for intelligent travel constantly upgraded. People’s daily travel is diverse, and choosing bus travel is the choice of most people. The bus is not only low-carbon, environmentally friendly, convenient and fast, but also saves the cost of living in terms of time cost of finding a parking space and a lot of parking fees.
As a smart city builder and city manager, if you want to make the intelligent electronic bus stop sign last longer, you need to choose carefully and take good care of it. So, how to use and maintain the smart bus stop signs properly?

1. Avoid high temperature
As the temperature rises above the temperature that the device itself can withstand, the LCD screen of the bus stop sign will turn black. If it is in a high temperature for a long time, even if the temperature drops back to normal again, the blackened part of the LCD screen of the LCD advertising machine cannot be restored, and the brightness decay of the electronic bus stop sign cannot be restored.
2. Avoid intelligent bus stop LCD protection glass is scratched by hard objects
Electronic bus stop sign LCD screen in front of a layer of protection explosion-proof glass, no protection glass color LCD screen is very fragile. Even if the tempered explosion-proof glass in sharp objects scratches will leave traces, the display screen viewing effect have a certain impact.
3. Do not use alcohol to wipe the intelligent bus stop sign
Alcohol is a common organic solvent, can dissolve some dirt that is not easy to remove. If you occasionally use it to clean the shell, there may not be any adverse effects. But do not use alcohol to clean the LCD display and protective glass, once wiped with alcohol smart electronic stop sign display, the special coating of protective glass will dissolve will affect the display effect. In the smart electronic station sign display special rag spraying suitable star-free ionized water, and then gently wipe, so that the stain without traces, smart electronic station sign LCD or protective glass is not scratched.
4. Do not use glasses cloth or paper towel to wipe the screen of intelligent electronic bus stop sign
For dust, we can blow off first, and the remaining dust particles can be gently wiped on the LCD panel with a special LCD wipe. For fingerprints and oil, please use special LCD advertising machine LCD wiping cloth. You can not use water, alcohol or some chemical solvents to clean the LCD. Due to the use of water, liquid can easily penetrate the LCD screen. zweis is committed to the research and development of outdoor LCD advertising machine, digital signage overall solutions innovation to meet customer demand for personalized, by providing a wide range of outdoor overall solutions to enhance customer value and achieve win-win cooperation.


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