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Choosing─the right outdoor LCD advertising machine, energy saving is also the key!

Nowadays, society consumes energy too fast and environmental pollution has been aggravated. How to make our daily life more energy-efficient has become the overall goal of human beings to pursue perfection. This is also pursued in many smart home products to explore the actual effect of energy saving. When compared to these two new items, everyone will tend to be more energy efficient. Outdoor LCD advertising machine naturally are not excepted. Outdoor LCD advertising machine has high definition. We all know how to choose a more energy-efficient outdoor LCD advertising machine in this period of energy saving, let us introduce to you in detail below.

1.LED backlight.
In high definition LCD advertising machine, high definition is obvious, thus the first thing to consider is to pick an energy-saving LED-backlit LCD advertising machine. From the perspective of the current stage, it seems that in the outdoor LCD advertising machine, equipped with LED backlighting goods than the general goods equipped with CCFL backlighting more energy efficient, and on average less than the LED backlight LCD advertising machine.
2.fully automatic backlight adjustment role: it is best to select outdoor LCD advertising machine with fully automatic backlight adjustment role. This technical piece can magnetically sense the surrounding environment of the light source, and according to the data of the display show content pre-external reasoning suitable for the display of infant brightness. According to the specific test, equipped with this role of outdoor LCD advertising machine than with a stable function loss of LCD advertising machine energy-saving actual effect is stronger China aviation development Yangtian electronics is committed to outdoor LCD advertising machine, digital signage overall solutions of research and development innovation to meet customer demand for personalized, by providing a rich variety of outdoor overall solutions to enhance customer value and achieve win-win cooperation.

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